Six Ways to Seize Your Day

Easy, practical tips on how to maximize your day.

Carolyn Arends’ song, ‘Seize The Day’ is one of my favourite songs. The first time I heard it was in 1998 - my brother had listened to it and was like ‘here’s a song I know you will like’. And indeed it was a song that has stuck to me through the years, and sometimes, the lyrics alone are what gave me the energy to drag myself out of bed.

My friends and family know that if there’s one thing I am big about, it is maximizing the day. I don’t mean it in an ‘efficiency’ kind of way. But more of an awareness that you have a 24-hour count and the realization that it could be less than 24. Basically, it’s a realization that life is not guaranteed and that that day is the only one of it I will get in a lifetime so I better use it as best as I can. To be fair though, there are days I wake up feeling down, and I feel guilty for that because I know I need to maximize the day. That’s a post for another day, though!

Below are a few things I do to maximize the day:

Replenish Your Spiritual Well

I try as much as I can to get in some solid time of prayer, reflection and meditation, to remove the noise and have a clear and positive mind to start the day.


Sticking to a schedule requires discipline! More so if you are working from home or multi-tasking different projects. On a good day, I try to walk or run five kilometres in the morning. If I can’t do it outside, I literally do it in my room (walking or running in circles or on the spot is actually possible). On a bad day, I work from bed all morning but I've discovered that waking up super early in the morning always motivates me to exercise.

No social media

Yep! It’s a time sucker, and you probably already know this. Millions of people and an endless news cycle mean that you can keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling … and before you know it a couple of hours have passed and you’ve not achieved anything you set out to do. Then you feel guilty. Then you have a lousy attitude for the remainder of the day. It could have been much easier if you just skipped social media, or at the very least, have the discipline to check it twice or thrice a day for a specified period of time. I find myself distracted though when I get on social media on the middle of a workday. So generally I limit it to evenings when I am also checking the social media pages for work and I can afford a distraction.

Plan Your Meals

If there’s one thing that gives me grief, it’s not knowing in advance what I will eat. Hunger also distracts you from work. Try as much as possible to prepare your meals in advance or at the very least, know what your lunch plans are. For dinner, I find it relaxing to cook and try new recipes. It doesn’t happen everyday, but whether it’s cooking or a separate activity, try to do something that helps you wind the day down. If you have kids, let them help too.

No Social Media (Again)!

No. This is not repetition. While it’s great to wind down the day and catch up on news, try to have a time past which you don’t get on social media. If you’re the type of person that instinctively reaches out for their phone without thinking, having a deadline for not using social media forces you to have actual conversations with people, call friends, listen to music, read an actual book - with pages! I like Kindle but there’s that comforting charm that comes from turning the pages of a book.

Sleep and Self-Time

Usually, I try as much as possible to sleep a minimum of 6 hours. After the kids go to bed, I try to sneak in some time to either work or do something that I am interested in that's not work related. As long as by morning, I’ve tucked in some sufficient time for sleep.

The above tips are just a guide, not a rule. Life is dynamic so try to find a rhythm that works for you.

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